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Serge Schneider 24bb01dec2 Rename HOSTNAME variable to TARGET_HOSTNAME
Bash sets the HOSTNAME variable, overriding our default
3 years ago
Andrew Pattison f8f3d6fe93 capitalise Raspberry Pi 3 years ago
Andrew Pattison f9375cdcec - mention WPA_PASSWORD length requirement 3 years ago
Sam Tygier 9d334bee66 WPA_PASSWORD length check should only occur if set
Test if WPA_PASSWORD is set before check that it has a valid length.
3 years ago
Sam Tygier 024840034e Check WPA_PASSWORD length early
WPA_PASSWORD needs to be between 8 adn 63 characters. Check early
to avoid hitting error in stage2.
3 years ago
Sam Tygier 271177a0f7 Use tee with wpa_passphrase so errors are visable
wpa_passphrase writes its error messages to stdout, so this needs to
tee so that errors are visable to user. Also need to enable pipefail
so that the error code still gets caught.
3 years ago
Christian Decker 9d15c0f7d1 move picraft to stage where minecraft is installed (#362) 4 years ago
RaspberryPiFan 32353a162b Updated info about stage4 and stage5 (#359) 4 years ago
Christian Decker 18c3cebe94 configure unprotected wifi when WPA_PASSWORD is unset (#357) 4 years ago
RaspberryPiFan 8bdbbfb099 Added stage 5 to the text (#353) 4 years ago
RaspberryPiFan d7c1ae21ca New types of images. (#352) 4 years ago
Leander 5456c3801f Explicitly check if postrun script exists in BASE_DIR (#351) 4 years ago
Leander 5e19033387 Remove accidental trailing brace (#348) 4 years ago
Leander 7f143a185e Export base directory before loading config file (#347) 4 years ago
snoe925 a449c75fac OS X does not have realpath (#342)
Check that realpath is present.  OS X doesn't have realpath.  The RPi builds on Docker for Mac if you increase the VM size. I am using 256G for my image.  See the Docker for Mac preferences.
4 years ago
Serge Schneider 95ba042c83 Add hostname to /etc/hosts 4 years ago
Rene Klootwijk d30343f626 Added hostname parameter 4 years ago
Serge Schneider 19c0188798 Ensure debootstrap runs through 'sh' rather than 'bash'
This fixes #338 and fixes #294
4 years ago
Matthijs Kooijman 336ff2107e Document how to get values for the localization values 4 years ago
Serge Schneider 8026d9dc8f Update changelog 4 years ago
Serge Schneider 80d486687e Update release notes 4 years ago
Serge Schneider 5780006ecd Update release notes 4 years ago
Matthijs Kooijman 99f702f0ff Use parted for partitioning (#285)
Previously, fdisk was used by sending commands into its stdin, which is
not very robust (since it heavily relies on the interactive prompts
offered by fdisk as well as the default values it offers, which seem
prone to changing in future version).

It seems likely that in the past, fdisk was easier than parted since it
provides default values that make it easier to create adjacent
partitions, without precalculating all positions in the script. However
now that partitions are manually being aligned, all data must be
calculated anyway.

This commit changes the partition generation to use parted rather than
fdisk. For this, it rewrites various calculations and renames variables
to be easier to read as well. All values are now in number of bytes,
rather than mixing bytes and sectors.

This commit also makes makes sure that the boot partition and root
partition are always adjacent (previously the root partition was aligned
without also rounding the boot partition size, leaving some empty space
in between).

As a side effect of using parted, this also causes the "bootcode" part
of the MBR to be filled with some default x86 bootcode. This is totally
irrelevant for booting the Raspberry Pi, but it does prevent triggering
a bug in parted. When using parted to change the partition table (e.g.
when resizing the root partition on first boot by raspi-config's, the disk identifier would be changed due to this bug,
which would change the PARTUUID of all partitions. The
script would work around this by updating the PARTUUID in e.g. fstab,
but that's fragile at best.  This commit prevents the bug from
triggering and keeps the disk identifier the same.

See for details about this parted bug.

This commit fixes #284.
4 years ago
Serge Schneider 946f164006 stage3: Mousepad used as simple text editor instead of leafpad 4 years ago
Serge Schneider 6538d5babf Update release notes 4 years ago
fpicalausa 652780757b Update config.txt to replace lirc-rpi with gpio-ir (#328)
The example for enabling IR transmission in `/boot/config.txt` is still using the deprecated `lirc-rpi` overlay. 
The documentation in `/boot/overlays/README` indicates that this overlay has been deprecated in favor of `gpio-ir` / `gpio-ir-tx`.

This updates the actual config.txt to suggest `gpio-ir` instead of `lirc-rpi`.
4 years ago
Serge Schneider d1ed4a2982 Include rpi-eeprom 4 years ago
Russ Kubes 00c22ab57e Updated export-image to not depend on fake-hwclock and hardlink. (#326) 4 years ago
Serge Schneider e8460beb3b Revert "export-image: Remove interfaces.dpkg-old"
This reverts commit a016561600.
4 years ago
Serge Schneider 77833ba929 cmdline.txt: remove dwc_otg.lpm_enable=0 4 years ago
Serge Schneider c49261d756 stage2: install pciutils 4 years ago
Serge Schneider a016561600 export-image: Remove interfaces.dpkg-old 4 years ago
Serge Schneider c1ff2b1cac stage4: rename thonny package 4 years ago
Serge Schneider 28f344144c stage5: add scratch3 4 years ago
Joshua Bussdieker d1f7a38905 Support regional config settings (#323) 4 years ago
Christophe Hurpeau 8110eb4891 Remove unused interfaces file (#322) 4 years ago
Kevin Stone 18b945ffb2 Moved git-hash determination to passed in build variable (#273) 4 years ago
Hugo Hromic 920e22bdc5 Ensure that the configuration file is an absolute path in Docker build (#306)
* Use `&&` instead of `;` in Docker pipeline

* In case of error, `&&` does not continue execution

* Silence shellcheck warning

* SC2086: Double quote to prevent globbing and word splitting.

* Ensure that the configuration file is an absolute path in Docker build

The specific problem is in commit 2ddd7c1, where the passed config file
(using the `-c` option) is now mounted inside the container using the
`--volume src:dest:opt` Docker option.

The problem is that Docker requires absolute paths for mounting single
files inside the container, otherwise it silently tries to mount a volume
name instead as an empty directory. Therefore the Docker build no longer
works with the following invocation forms (relative config-paths):

    ./ -c myconfig
    /path/to/ -c myconfig   # also doesn't work

This commit uses `realpath` (included in coreutils) in the Docker build
script to ensure that the passed configuration file is always an
absolute path before passing it to Docker.
4 years ago
Jens Hilligsøe 5436273ec7 Make portable again (#308)
Last commit made the script break on macOS.

From `man sed` (On Linux):

       -E, -r, --regexp-extended

              use extended regular expressions in the script (for portability use POSIX -E).
4 years ago
132ikl c0714e33d6 Update Stretch to Buster in README (#310) 4 years ago
Serge Schneider 9c0a25d852 stage2: add ntfs-3g 4 years ago
Serge Schneider 210b51c293 stage3: remove Epiphany 4 years ago
Serge Schneider 4c575d7e8f Add missing release notes 4 years ago
Serge Schneider 175dfb027f Update release notes 4 years ago
Serge Schneider 37482277d3 stage2: Add vl805fw 4 years ago
Serge Schneider 4118f8d524 stage5: Add Mathematica 4 years ago
gscscnd 1143530351 Revert "stage2: Add apt-transport-https" (#304)
This reverts commit 1806504983.

In Buster, APT has built‐in support for HTTPS repos (since version 1.5).
The ca-certificates package is already included in the modified file, so
this commit shouldn’t break anything.
4 years ago
gscscnd fd21eff626 shouldn’t be executable (#303)
In 667318116a,’s file mode bits
were changed from 0o644 to 0o755. This commit reverts them back to
4 years ago
Samuele Maci ae4ec6445e does not assume PWD=<repo root> (#302)
* bash variables in are wrapped by curly brackets

* Ensure presence of config file while running

* Do not assume that is run from the repository root directory

* Mount config file in predictable location in docker container
4 years ago
Xerxes Rånby 57ef9b88e3 stage2/00-copies-and-fills/ Fix re-runs of script (#301)
Check that file exist before move.
4 years ago