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pull/307/head 2019-07-10-raspbian-buster
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* Clearer options for switching of Pi 4 video output in Raspberry Pi Configuration
* Option added to Appearance Settings to move taskbar to second monitor
* Option added to Recommended Software to restrict package installs by architecture
* New version of Adobe Flash player (
* Selection of screen refresh rates added to Screen Configuration
* Fix for missing text insertion cursor in LibreOffice on Pi 4
* Fix for Wi-fi interruption when Wi-fi icon on taskbar is clicked
* FIx for incorrect desktop background behind desktop login prompt
* Fix for segmentation faults when launching obconf and lxapperarance
* Fix for unclosed file pointer in Screen Configuration
* Fix for Bluetooth plugin freeze when large numbers of devices detected
* Fix for opening URLs not working in lxterminal
* Fix for start menu opening on incorrect monitor when launched from keyboard
* Fix for taskbar item not having [] removed when un-minimising on second monitor
* Linux kernel 4.19.57
* Raspberry Pi firmware cb3a32adf39f45a49be454e30c7464920ad7c605
* Based on Debian Buster
* Support for Raspberry Pi 4 hardware