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* New icon theme for file manager icons
* Appearance Settings - option for identical desktop on both monitors
* Appearance Settings - option to show different desktop icons on both monitors
* Taskbar automatically moved to monitor 0 if monitor 1 not found at boot
* Switching of audio output between two HDMI devices added to volume plugin
* Switching of audio input devices added to volume plugin
* .asoundrc (ALSA config file) now uses 'plug' values to support more devices
* Audio Settings tool modified to integrate more closely with volume plugin to reduce duplicated code
* Screen Configuration tool now shows separate menus for resolution and refresh rate
* Primary and active monitor settings removed from Screen Configuration tool
* Overscan support added for FKMS driver
* New keyboard shortcuts added - Ctrl-Alt-End brings up shutdown menu; Ctrl-Alt-M moves taskbar between monitors
* Latest changes to Bluez ALSA interface integrated to improve connection to Bluetooth audio devices
* Version 3.2 of Thonny added
* Version 74 of Chromium added
* Version 3.0.8 of VLC added
* Version of Flash player added
* Version 6.5.0 of RealVNC Server added
* Version 6.19.715 of RealVNC Viewer added (full image only)
* Version 12.0.1 of Mathematica added (full image only)
* Version 0.20.8 of NodeRED added (full image only)
* Version 3.1.0 of Sonic Pi added (full image only)
* Scratch 3 added (full image only)
* Bug fix - URL handling in Terminal
* Bug fix - octal values in SSIDs in network plugin
* Bug fix - remaining value in progress bar when transferring files
* Bug fix - integration of xarchiver tool with file manager
* Bug fix - start menu opening on incorrect monitor
* Bug fix - minimised applications wrongly displayed on taskbar on second monitor
* Bug fix - Bluetooth icon disappearing on x86 platforms when Bluetooth turned off
* Bug fix - Screen Configuration tool not shown on x86 platforms and settings not being saved
* Various translation updates
* Various minor bug fixes
* rpi-eeprom included
* Epiphany/Web removed
* ntfs-3g included
* Scratch 3 added to full image
* pciutils added
* Linux kernel 4.19.71
* Raspberry Pi firmware 04ddd4957d470528d7b26ea00a37d8fe2f1e2db7
* Clearer options for switching of Pi 4 video output in Raspberry Pi Configuration
* Option added to Appearance Settings to move taskbar to second monitor