352 Commits (0a6624b26dd8006a75725e5379431abf1c5b0f09)

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  Serge Schneider 0a6624b26d Update ROOT_MARGIN 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 24bb01dec2 Rename HOSTNAME variable to TARGET_HOSTNAME 2 years ago
  Andrew Pattison f8f3d6fe93 capitalise Raspberry Pi 2 years ago
  Andrew Pattison f9375cdcec README.md - mention WPA_PASSWORD length requirement 2 years ago
  Sam Tygier 9d334bee66 WPA_PASSWORD length check should only occur if set 2 years ago
  Sam Tygier 024840034e Check WPA_PASSWORD length early 2 years ago
  Sam Tygier 271177a0f7 Use tee with wpa_passphrase so errors are visable 2 years ago
  Christian Decker 9d15c0f7d1 move picraft to stage where minecraft is installed (#362) 2 years ago
  RaspberryPiFan 32353a162b Updated info about stage4 and stage5 (#359) 2 years ago
  Christian Decker 18c3cebe94 configure unprotected wifi when WPA_PASSWORD is unset (#357) 2 years ago
  RaspberryPiFan 8bdbbfb099 Added stage 5 to the text (#353) 2 years ago
  RaspberryPiFan d7c1ae21ca New types of images. (#352) 2 years ago
  Leander 5456c3801f Explicitly check if postrun script exists in BASE_DIR (#351) 2 years ago
  Leander 5e19033387 Remove accidental trailing brace (#348) 2 years ago
  Leander 7f143a185e Export base directory before loading config file (#347) 2 years ago
  snoe925 a449c75fac OS X does not have realpath (#342) 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 95ba042c83 Add hostname to /etc/hosts 2 years ago
  Rene Klootwijk d30343f626 Added hostname parameter 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 19c0188798 Ensure debootstrap runs through 'sh' rather than 'bash' 2 years ago
  Matthijs Kooijman 336ff2107e Document how to get values for the localization values 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 8026d9dc8f Update changelog 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 80d486687e Update release notes 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 5780006ecd Update release notes 2 years ago
  Matthijs Kooijman 99f702f0ff Use parted for partitioning (#285) 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 946f164006 stage3: Mousepad used as simple text editor instead of leafpad 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 6538d5babf Update release notes 2 years ago
  fpicalausa 652780757b Update config.txt to replace lirc-rpi with gpio-ir (#328) 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider d1ed4a2982 Include rpi-eeprom 2 years ago
  Russ Kubes 00c22ab57e Updated export-image to not depend on fake-hwclock and hardlink. (#326) 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider e8460beb3b Revert "export-image: Remove interfaces.dpkg-old" 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 77833ba929 cmdline.txt: remove dwc_otg.lpm_enable=0 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider c49261d756 stage2: install pciutils 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider a016561600 export-image: Remove interfaces.dpkg-old 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider c1ff2b1cac stage4: rename thonny package 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 28f344144c stage5: add scratch3 2 years ago
  Joshua Bussdieker d1f7a38905 Support regional config settings (#323) 2 years ago
  Christophe Hurpeau 8110eb4891 Remove unused interfaces file (#322) 2 years ago
  Kevin Stone 18b945ffb2 Moved git-hash determination to passed in build variable (#273) 2 years ago
  Hugo Hromic 920e22bdc5 Ensure that the configuration file is an absolute path in Docker build (#306) 2 years ago
  Jens Hilligsøe 5436273ec7 Make build_docker.sh portable again (#308) 2 years ago
  132ikl c0714e33d6 Update Stretch to Buster in README (#310) 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 9c0a25d852 stage2: add ntfs-3g 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider 210b51c293 stage3: remove Epiphany 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider 4c575d7e8f Add missing release notes 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider 175dfb027f Update release notes 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider 37482277d3 stage2: Add vl805fw 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider 4118f8d524 stage5: Add Mathematica 3 years ago
  gscscnd 1143530351 Revert "stage2: Add apt-transport-https" (#304) 3 years ago
  gscscnd fd21eff626 README.md shouldn’t be executable (#303) 3 years ago
  Samuele Maci ae4ec6445e build-docker.sh does not assume PWD=<repo root> (#302) 3 years ago