TORch RPi Cloud Init Configurator
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TORch RPi Cloud Init Installer

This project aims to create an easy way to burn a RPi SD card with an Ubuntu Server pre-installed image with Torch installed and configured to broadcast it's connection info to you.

Based on the Raspberry Pi Cloud-Init for WiFi project by Björn Samuelsson.

Quick Start

Configure Torch and SSH Parameters

Place your settings in parameters.env

cat <<EOF > parameters.env
SSH_PUBKEY="ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAQEAiOr5aUytobxxu6TG0CQqqyk3hOaaVyC8ZIt4Es9HGSDmKhBznrvMEJ5GyUIMB85+YLh0ohlVZJyrk8BWaIzoHD8IszKEJvpeYMRTGq8LVRe7YW1lFyJLFdTbLliKY0v1PvJmbrPiijHYjg8/l4gGEGlrg4XcnzdYtl9aHjfdc5nyVWkX1GYwDIP08slyt/gM8u7FIuYi1qyMxgjiEm4dcBECghlC8vN6TRBDW7ssald/jpNDUBOLYVQmGiW1KKI0mHxDFF1HoBAYYKtRz9Y4CdWXGTZ35/I50RhXHaI6hkIzfWiouBasnsMIYAvP1qhTW3EC9FlJVi2j16dN44awqw== rsa-key-20201012"
  • DISABLE_IPV6 - Disabled IPv6 on the RPi
  • USERNAME - Created a user with the given username
  • USERFULLNAME - Full name of the user to create
  • SSH_PUBKEY - Pubkey to copy to the ~/.ssh directory for SSH access
  • TORCH_CONFIG_DIR - Directory containing Torch configuration files

Manual Image Configuration



Find the built configuration bundle rpi-cloud-init.tgz in the build directory.

Extract rpi-cloud-init.tgz to the boot partition of the SD card after the Ubuntu server image has been burned.

tar -xzvf build/rpi-cloud-init.tgz -C /mnt/rpi-boot

Automatic Image Configuration

Place a decompressed Ubuntu Server *.img file in the project directory and use to both build the project and dope the boot partition of *.img file directly

Note: Must be run from an account with sudo permissions

./ ubuntu-20.04.1-preinstalled-server-arm64+raspi.img


  • Create a Debian repo for Torch and have the .deb package installed from there instead of embedding it in the /boot partition