274 Commits (0552ef239b15d18afb497c3b7ce8314ae9970cbd)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Serge Schneider 0552ef239b Update to Buster 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider a90b6bd094 build.sh: run quilt upgrade before editing patches 3 years ago
  samtygier 4ad51961e9 Better docs for STAGE_LIST (#289) 3 years ago
  Hugo Hromic 8acf95f237 Do not assume the changelog file is always present for the info file (#280) 3 years ago
  Hugo Hromic 407663a57f Silence shellcheck warnings (#279) 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider 042f769edb Add new changelog entry 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider e910bf55ac Update release notes 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider ee11b802b5 stage2: ethtool 3 years ago
  XECDesign 3e9b176fab
stage2: install rng-tools 3 years ago
  Andrew Scheller 30a1528ae1 Switch to using parted's machine parseable output (#270) 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider fb23b8ba92 Replace pxz with xz -T0 3 years ago
  XECDesign 91bc38d510
Update Dockerfile 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider 67241b9626 Handle cases where binfmt_misc is built into the kernel 3 years ago
  samtygier b7812278a8 Warn early if proxy not reachable (#262) 3 years ago
  Hugo Hromic 564f8ef1b8 Silence shellcheck warnings (#255) 3 years ago
  Sam Tygier 7068086c94 Make sure unmount_image finds stale loop devices 3 years ago
  Sam Tygier 9d38bfac23 README.md: Add more info on Docker 3 years ago
  Sam Tygier 82bcfa427a Use different rsync options for boot and root 3 years ago
  Sam Tygier a8eb03a5e4 Check binfmt_misc module is loaded 3 years ago
  Sam Tygier c147df99bc Ensure extra config file is passed to docker 3 years ago
  Hugo Hromic 9e6af47045 Improve update_issue() function in common script 3 years ago
  Hugo Hromic 3b90b7ffed Improve bootstrap() function in common script 3 years ago
  Louis Matthijssen 3961bff8a4 Decrease zerofree verbosity 3 years ago
  Louis Matthijssen 61a994c88c Add a DEPLOY_ZIP setting 3 years ago
  XECDesign d945d422d4
Update 00-run.sh 3 years ago
  Sam Tygier c72f0b47ff Quote wpa wifi variables 3 years ago
  Sam Tygier 9714a11204 Add username validation 3 years ago
  Błażej Sowa d88f536536 IMG_SUFFIX evaluation in export image (fix #241) 3 years ago
  Hereath 21aeca1b0c fixeb package realpath (via coreutils) 3 years ago
  gudata 640027d5df build script is build.sh 3 years ago
  Mike Roberts 3b1d05144f Fixed another hard reference to the 'pi' user name 3 years ago
  rkubes 189b8f0400 Fixed a hard reference to the 'pi' user name 3 years ago
  Sam Tygier d7ef46b06a Allow custom stages 3 years ago
  Błażej Sowa d7ca8e8f14 Allow custom deploy zip filename 3 years ago
  Błażej Sowa 08405eb792 Allow custom image filename 3 years ago
  Sam Tygier 7fbfdda31e Add commandline argument for config file 3 years ago
  Sam Tygier cc6605695d Allow enabling ssh server from config 3 years ago
  Sam Tygier f4dc2dcce6 Allow setting up wifi from config 3 years ago
  Sam Tygier d07096ebb5 Allow setting user name and password from config 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider d1b747747c Add PINN restore support 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider 980bdb961b Update release notes 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider 7e0c786c64 stage4: add vlc 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider 0f7e3dec05 export-noobs: fix units 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider 181218ea9d Install libreoffice with all recommended packages 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider 6ffcafe1b8 Update release notes 4 years ago
  Serge Schneider cbe273b850 Add extra packages back and create a 4GB image 4 years ago
  Tomas Cerskus 4fc1423fdf scripts: do not ignore errors inside on_chroot calls 3 years ago
  Krisjanis Rijnieks c9b658ecd6 Add curl to apt-get script in README 4 years ago
  Serge Schneider f8b629d6c7 Check /debootstrap exists before trying to remove 4 years ago
  Serge Schneider 33e94c46f3 stage2: set timezone properly 4 years ago