80 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  B.J. Dweck dd43d98867 Fixed PS1 .bashrc line to include extra slashes 1 year ago
  B.J. Dweck 171dc63701 Created a 'seedgen' alias 1 year ago
  B.J. Dweck 9556d96872 Bringing this new repo in sync with the stable repo to test the build 1 year ago
  B.J. Dweck fac7876b18 Added suport for bash auto-complete and config options for downloading burrow from the repo 1 year ago
  B.J. Dweck d6babca3c7 Changed 'rudefox-cold' to 'burrow' in the MOTD instructions banner 1 year ago
  B.J. Dweck 2df48bcb6c CRITICAL BUILD FIX: missing " 1 year ago
  B.J. Dweck e315c692d9 Added read-only (overlay) filesystem 1 year ago
  B.J. Dweck 052631361a Added BURROW motd 1 year ago
  B.J. Dweck bc2505a534 Added autologin 1 year ago
  B.J. Dweck ff9a6a2f5d Added rudefox-burrow installation 1 year ago
  B.J. Dweck 4f80f9a7e4 Added KEYBOARD_MODEL build parameter 1 year ago
  B.J. Dweck 0e722a9e71 Remove networking packages and configuration (ssh, wpa, dhcp, cifs, net-tools, etc.) 1 year ago
  Serge Schneider 78c9e2cf02 Raspbian -> Raspberry Pi OS 1 year ago
  Serge Schneider 9a3a10bf10 stage2: install raspinfo 1 year ago
  Serge Schneider b4ea63c045 Update persistent rkfill files 1 year ago
  Sam Tygier 271177a0f7 Use tee with wpa_passphrase so errors are visable 1 year ago
  Christian Decker 18c3cebe94 configure unprotected wifi when WPA_PASSWORD is unset (#357) 1 year ago
  Serge Schneider d1ed4a2982 Include rpi-eeprom 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 77833ba929 cmdline.txt: remove dwc_otg.lpm_enable=0 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider c49261d756 stage2: install pciutils 2 years ago
  Joshua Bussdieker d1f7a38905 Support regional config settings (#323) 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 9c0a25d852 stage2: add ntfs-3g 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 37482277d3 stage2: Add vl805fw 2 years ago
  gscscnd 1143530351 Revert "stage2: Add apt-transport-https" (#304) 2 years ago
  Xerxes Rånby 57ef9b88e3 stage2/00-copies-and-fills/02-run.sh: Fix re-runs of script (#301) 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 0cdec86026 Disable ld.so.preload while building 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider e14a403533 stage2: Disable wifi on 5GHz models 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider ee11b802b5 stage2: ethtool 2 years ago
  XECDesign 3e9b176fab
stage2: install rng-tools 2 years ago
  Hugo Hromic 564f8ef1b8 Silence shellcheck warnings (#255) 2 years ago
  Sam Tygier c72f0b47ff Quote wpa wifi variables 2 years ago
  Sam Tygier cc6605695d Allow enabling ssh server from config 2 years ago
  Sam Tygier f4dc2dcce6 Allow setting up wifi from config 2 years ago
  Sam Tygier d07096ebb5 Allow setting user name and password from config 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider cbe273b850 Add extra packages back and create a 4GB image 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 33e94c46f3 stage2: set timezone properly 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 378a2bdfa7 stage2: remove left-over debconf file 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider 59cd0a3d9c stage2: add ssh-import-id 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider 37da6846dd stage2: Set default timezone to 'London' 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider 6000d5871f stage2: accept Mathematica EULA here instead of stage5 3 years ago
  Hugo Hromic 9d76d3a6a2 stage2: clean unused/obsolete patch (#187) 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider ff2d5edee1 shellcheck 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider 56da271499 Remove unnecessary files 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider e6f7cd5cd6 stage2: don't set 'country' in wpa_supplicant.conf 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider c430f618d0 Remove ld.so.preload and policy-rc.d changes 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider 13185c8224 stage2: install policykit-1 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider 5c44fc727e stage2: install man-db 4 years ago
  Jacen 26fcf59f3f [adding] qemu emulation layout to test images with qemu 4 years ago
  Serge Schneider 496e41575e Revert "stage2: install fdisk" 4 years ago
  Serge Schneider e7e04fcde3 stage2: install fdisk 4 years ago