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B.J. Dweck 171dc63701
Created a 'seedgen' alias
2 years ago
00-copies-and-fills stage2/00-copies-and-fills/ Fix re-runs of script (#301) 3 years ago
01-sys-tweaks Bringing this new repo in sync with the stable repo to test the build 2 years ago
03-accept-mathematica-eula Add extra packages back and create a 4GB image 4 years ago
03-set-timezone Support regional config settings (#323) 3 years ago
04-rudefox-burrow Created a 'seedgen' alias 2 years ago
05-autologin Added autologin 2 years ago
06-rudefox-motd Created a 'seedgen' alias 2 years ago
07-enable-overlayfs Added suport for bash auto-complete and config options for downloading burrow from the repo 2 years ago
EXPORT_IMAGE [adding] qemu emulation layout to test images with qemu 5 years ago
EXPORT_NOOBS Raspbian -> Raspberry Pi OS 2 years ago shellcheck 5 years ago