Bitcoin seed generation and offline tools
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Rudefox Burrow

Offline Bitcoin Seed Generation and Wallet Tool

Use Burrow on an air-gapped, single-board computer, like a Raspberry Pi, to generate new seed words, derive addresses and extended public keys from existing seed words or sign PSBT transactions offline. Check out the self-audited seed generation feature: ShowMyWork.

Rudefox Burrow is released under the MIT License by B.J. Dweck

Getting Started

If you simply want to dive in and try your hand at generating a self-audited seed, see the Burrow Quick Start guide.



  • Install the Java 8 SDK (Java 8+ is not already installed)
sudo apt-get install -y openjdk-8-jdk-headless
  • Clone the repository and build
git clone
cd burrow
./gradlew build distTar
  • Find the distribution .tar file in build/distributions/