52 Commits (d58c7244ecdc32f0990c1052f462751691f617c9)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  B.J. Dweck d58c7244ec Set rudefox defaults 1 year ago
  B.J. Dweck 5d9bb8b017 CRITICAL BUILD FIX: needed to export RUDEFOX_BURROW_VERSION in build.sh 1 year ago
  B.J. Dweck 4f80f9a7e4 Added KEYBOARD_MODEL build parameter 1 year ago
  DragonEagle 08fc0b9a82
Exposed RELEASE as a configurable variable (#391) 1 year ago
  Luigi F. Cruz 38d22e976a
Retry apt downloads 3 times 1 year ago
  Serge Schneider 24bb01dec2 Rename HOSTNAME variable to TARGET_HOSTNAME 2 years ago
  Sam Tygier 9d334bee66 WPA_PASSWORD length check should only occur if set 1 year ago
  Sam Tygier 024840034e Check WPA_PASSWORD length early 1 year ago
  Leander 5456c3801f Explicitly check if postrun script exists in BASE_DIR (#351) 2 years ago
  Leander 5e19033387 Remove accidental trailing brace (#348) 2 years ago
  Leander 7f143a185e Export base directory before loading config file (#347) 2 years ago
  Rene Klootwijk d30343f626 Added hostname parameter 2 years ago
  Joshua Bussdieker d1f7a38905 Support regional config settings (#323) 2 years ago
  Kevin Stone 18b945ffb2 Moved git-hash determination to passed in build variable (#273) 2 years ago
  Russ Kubes 4ca539cb45 Fix build.sh to run dependencies_check prior to using curl. (#299) 2 years ago
  Serge Schneider a90b6bd094 build.sh: run quilt upgrade before editing patches 2 years ago
  Hugo Hromic 407663a57f Silence shellcheck warnings (#279) 2 years ago
  samtygier b7812278a8 Warn early if proxy not reachable (#262) 2 years ago
  Hugo Hromic 564f8ef1b8 Silence shellcheck warnings (#255) 2 years ago
  Hugo Hromic 9e6af47045 Improve update_issue() function in common script 2 years ago
  Louis Matthijssen 61a994c88c Add a DEPLOY_ZIP setting 2 years ago
  Sam Tygier 9714a11204 Add username validation 2 years ago
  Błażej Sowa d88f536536 IMG_SUFFIX evaluation in export image (fix #241) 2 years ago
  Sam Tygier d7ef46b06a Allow custom stages 2 years ago
  Błażej Sowa d7ca8e8f14 Allow custom deploy zip filename 2 years ago
  Błażej Sowa 08405eb792 Allow custom image filename 3 years ago
  Sam Tygier 7fbfdda31e Add commandline argument for config file 2 years ago
  Sam Tygier cc6605695d Allow enabling ssh server from config 2 years ago
  Sam Tygier f4dc2dcce6 Allow setting up wifi from config 3 years ago
  Sam Tygier d07096ebb5 Allow setting user name and password from config 3 years ago
  David Steele 343cabc8f5 Remove quotes in globbed patch CLEANup (#168) 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider ff2d5edee1 shellcheck 3 years ago
  Ben Pirt 066eb03d52 Allow image building to be skipped for stages (#137) 3 years ago
  Jacen 26fcf59f3f [adding] qemu emulation layout to test images with qemu 4 years ago
  Thomas Phillips 50e5c01f57 Image build date now honours timezone 4 years ago
  Mike Roberts 000e61f84d Updated {i}-run-chroot script filename to match {i}-run.sh format 4 years ago
  David C Wang 16b3133f46 Make WORK_DIR and DEPLOY_DIR configurable through config file 4 years ago
  Serge Schneider 8373e58195 build.sh: execute postrun.sh, if executable 4 years ago
  Serge Schneider 1f1ddb5f13 Specify additional variables in EXPORT_* files 4 years ago
  Serge Schneider 8e74b4f15c Revert "Enable pi-gen build when "pi-gen/work" dir is a symlink" 4 years ago
  David C Wang 40b5af925b Enable pi-gen build when "pi-gen/work" dir is a symlink 4 years ago
  Serge Schneider c4fb032d3b Use capsh to ensure file capabilities aren't set 5 years ago
  Serge Schneider 24ad8c2adb Revert 7f0c59d5c1 5 years ago
  Greg MacLellan 7f0c59d5c1 Add MAX_STAGE and RUN_STAGE variables (#21) 5 years ago
  Joseph Carter 0245cbb958 Dependency checks + important bugfix (#16) 5 years ago
  Joseph Carter abc3e45727 build.sh: Support comments in package files (#14) 5 years ago
  Staroselskii Georgii 9b0a793dfb build.sh: fix for patchsets with same names in substages 5 years ago
  Serge Schneider cc5a65723c Add NOOBS export support 5 years ago
  Serge Schneider de878cc217 build.sh: fix patches 5 years ago
  Serge Schneider aca321fd70 Various fixes 5 years ago