21 Commits (65f91b8349565f5ddb8806ccc80a48871c5b86e5)

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  Tim Visée 65f91b8349
BusyBox realpath does not support -s flag, fallback to use no flags (#384) 2 years ago
  snoe925 a449c75fac OS X does not have realpath (#342) 2 years ago
  Kevin Stone 18b945ffb2 Moved git-hash determination to passed in build variable (#273) 2 years ago
  Hugo Hromic 920e22bdc5 Ensure that the configuration file is an absolute path in Docker build (#306) 2 years ago
  Jens Hilligsøe 5436273ec7 Make build_docker.sh portable again (#308) 2 years ago
  Samuele Maci ae4ec6445e build-docker.sh does not assume PWD=<repo root> (#302) 3 years ago
  Hugo Hromic 407663a57f Silence shellcheck warnings (#279) 3 years ago
  Hugo Hromic 564f8ef1b8 Silence shellcheck warnings (#255) 3 years ago
  Sam Tygier c147df99bc Ensure extra config file is passed to docker 3 years ago
  Sam Tygier 7fbfdda31e Add commandline argument for config file 3 years ago
  Serge Schneider ff2d5edee1 shellcheck 4 years ago
  andig b4035400ff Add option to preserve build container (#160) 4 years ago
  andig 40e5dae819 Correct help text (#145) 4 years ago
  Claus Strasburger 52c6748e67 fix docker-in-docker copying when not doing CONTINUE=1 4 years ago
  Claus Strasburger 732a87415d Docker-Build enhancements 4 years ago
  Jacen 727db0ed63 [fixing] docker parts 4 years ago
  TJ Rana 3441133d1c Corrected various typos (#91) 5 years ago
  Claus Strasburger bab0fe3b0d Docker build: move to debian stretch 5 years ago
  Andrew Smith cdf1cf2aba Also use -v in error message 5 years ago
  Thomas Phillips c92638438a Fixed running docker script from within pwd containing spaces 5 years ago
  Claus F. Strasburger 667318116a Added Docker support (#40) 5 years ago