A Docker Tor proxy container to add to Docker Compose projects
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Tor Proxy

This is a Tor Proxy Docker container for "torifying" other Docker-based services in a Docker Compose project. It creates a Tor Hidden Service with an onion hostname that persists as long as it's underlying storage volume. The Tor Hidden Service listens on the specified port and proxies traffic to the specified target host:port.



  • SVC_LISTEN_PORT: Port that the Tor hidden service will listen on for requests from the Tor network
  • SVC_TARGET_HOST: Target host for Tor traffic
  • SVC_TARGET_PORT: Target port on the target host

Sample docker-compose.yml



      context: ./tor-proxy
        - SVC_LISTEN_PORT=80
        - SVC_TARGET_HOST=mysvc
        - SVC_TARGET_PORT=8080
      - mysvc_config:/var/lib/tor
      - mysvc
    restart: unless-stopped


Service Onion Hostname

You can get the onion hostname of the proxy using the following command:

user@host:~$ docker-compose exec mysvc_tor_proxy svc-hostname