Burrow Raspberry Pi Image
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#!/bin/sh -e
GUIDE_URL="$(curl -s "$BOOKSHELF_URL" | awk -F '[<>]' "/<TITLE>Raspberry Pi Beginner's Guide v3<\/TITLE>/ {f=1; next} f==1 && /PDF/ {print \$3; exit}")"
OUTPUT="$(basename "$GUIDE_URL" | cut -f1 -d'?')"
if [ ! -f "files/$OUTPUT" ]; then
rm files/*.pdf -f
curl -s "$GUIDE_URL" -o "files/$OUTPUT"
file "files/$OUTPUT" | grep -q "PDF document"
install -v -o 1000 -g 1000 -d "${ROOTFS_DIR}/home/${FIRST_USER_NAME}/Bookshelf"
install -v -o 1000 -g 1000 -m 644 "files/$OUTPUT" "${ROOTFS_DIR}/home/${FIRST_USER_NAME}/Bookshelf/"