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* raspi-config - added selection of boot device order
* raspi-config - added selection of boot EEPROM version
* SD Card Copier - copy is now immediately aborted if drives are connected or disconnected while copying
* Version of Flash player included
* User feedback survey removed from first run of Chromium
* Recommended Software - now allows multiple install and reinstall operations without having to close between each one
* Bug fix - misleading file browser from panel menu icon selection dialog - icons must now be in icon theme rather than arbitrary files
* Bug fix - items in main menu not being translated
* Bug fix - raspi-config not detecting audio devices in non-English locales
* Bug fix - Bookshelf claiming no disk space in non-English locales
* Bug fix - failed installation of both 32 and 64 bit versions of packages by Recommended Software on 64-bit images
* Italian translations added (thanks to Emanuele Goldoni and the Italian translation team)
* Raspberry Pi firmware ef72c17bcaaeb89093d87bcf71f3228e1b5e1fff
* Linux kernel 5.4.51
* Added Bookshelf application
* Added Raspberry Pi Diagnostics application
* Added magnifier plugin to taskbar - needs magnifier application installed from Recommended Software to enable