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* Added Bookshelf application
* Added Raspberry Pi Diagnostics application
* Added magnifier plugin to taskbar - needs magnifier application installed from Recommended Software to enable
* Added Magnifier application to Recommended Software
* Added marketing questionnaire as initial Chromium tab
* Version 0.25 of Scratch 2 included - uses external application to access IMU on SenseHAT
* Version 1.0.5 of Scratch 3 included - uses external application to access IMU on SenseHAT
* Version of Flash player included
* Version 1.0.6 of Node-RED included
* Version 6.7.1 of VNC Server included
* Version 6.20.113 of VNC Client included
* Internal audio outputs enabled as separate ALSA devices
* MagPi preinstall removed and replaced with Beginner’s Guide
* MagPi weblink removed from main menu
* Chromium made default application for PDF files
* Common icon loading code for lxpanel plugins used
* Italian translations added
* Initial move of mouse pointer to menu button disabled
* Padding at left of menu button removed
* Focus behaviour changed so that focus moves to desktop if no windows are opened - improves reliability of Orca screen reader
* Bug fix - focus bug in volume plugin
* Bug fix - keyboard repeat interval bug in Mouse & Keyboard Settings
* Bug fix - battery detection bug in battery plugin
* Bug fix - spurious active areas on taskbar when plugins are hidden
* Bug fix - occasional crash in file manager on file selection
* Disk ID is now regenerated on first boot
* Updated udev rules
- Remove unused argon rule
- Add vcsm-cma to video group
- Add pwm to gpio group
* i2cprobe: More flexible I2C/SPI alias mapping
* Raspberry Pi firmware 21e1fe3477ffb708a5736ed61a924fd650031136
* Linux kernel 4.19.118
* Raspberry Pi Configuration - screen blanking setting disabled if Xscreensaver is installed
* Bug fix - switch to turn off VNC server in Raspberry Pi Configuration has no effect
* Bug fix - fix %20 characters in file names