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Serge Schneider 3 years ago
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* Add libav-tools
* Add English localisation packages
* In startup wizard, assign keyboard to country as per Debian installer recommendations
* In startup wizard, add option to use US keyboard in preference to country-specific option
* In startup wizard, show IP address on first page
* In startup wizard, check for existing wifi network connection and show it if there is one
* In startup wizard, install language support packages for LibreOffice and other applications
* In startup wizard, improve operation with keyboard only and no mouse
* Password change in Raspberry Pi Configuration and startup wizard now works properly if passwords contain shell characters
* Battery indicator plugin modified to cope with Pi-top hardware monitor crashing
* Networking plugin hides wifi password characters by default
* In Scratch 2 GPIO plugin, set pin from dropdown list rather than free text
* In Scratch 2 SenseHAT plugin, swap x and y axis values for LED array
* Include latest Adobe Flash player (
* Include latest Mathematica (
* Include latest RealVNC Server (6.3.1)
* Include libav-tools
* Merge in latest third-party code for Bluetooth ALSA interface
* Add ability to prevent software update changing configuration files, by creating ~/.config/.lock file
* Various other small bug fixes, tweaks and changes to text
* Make dhcpcd work with 3G devices
* Set default timezone to 'Europe/London'
* Add hw acceleration to ffmpeg
* Improved WiFi-BT coexistence parameters
* Run fake-hwclock before systemd-fsck-root
* Raspberry Pi PoE HAT support
* Linux kernel 4.14.71
* Raspberry Pi firmware 5b49caa17e91d0e64024380119ad739bb201c674
* New first-boot configuration wizard added
* Recommended Software installer added